Общероссийская общественная организация инвалидов "Всероссийское общество глухих" (ВОГ)

All-Russian Society of the Deaf

The All-Russian Public Organization of Disabled People “All-Russian Society of the Deaf” (VOG) is the largest and oldest public organization of the hearing-impaired in Russia.

VOG was formed on September 25, 1926.

The main task of VOG is to express and protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens of the Russian Federation with hearing impairments, their social rehabilitation and integration into society. The VOG focuses on the issues of the implementation of civil rights, the availability of information and various services, education and training, job search and employment, high-quality medical care and social security, the availability of social and transport infrastructure, as well as cultural institutions.

According to the statistical report for 2019, the number of VOG members is 76,164 (in total, there are more than 150 thousand deaf sign language speakers in Russia). VOG has 82 regional, 615 local branches throughout the Russian Federation. The society includes 170 regional and local institutions of social and cultural significance.

The central office of VOG is located at: bldg.1, 10-a, 1905 st. Moscow 123022 Russia